[Mexico] Trip Report : DEC.03,2022- DEC.12, 2022, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 03DEC – 12DEC trip report !! 】

Dec 03rd, 2022

17:00 Boarding of customers, guidance to each cabin

18:30 General orientation and crew introduction

21:00 Depart for Revillagigedo.


Dec 04th, 2022

The way out is much calmer.

There was little shaking, and I was able to proceed with the presentation smoothly.


Dec 05th, 2022 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón y El Boiler )

Compared to the previous trip, the transparency of the dive sites on San Benedict Island is

It’s about twice as good, and the conditions are much better, which is a relief.

The transparency is about 20m and the water temperature is 28ºC.

From the first check dive at El Cañón, hammers and silver chips,

A tiger shark welcomes you.

It was forecast that the wind would rise from tomorrow, so the Boiler

I wanted to dive, so I moved to Boiler in the second half.

Continuing from the previous trip, the number of manta rays at Boiler was small for some reason. rather like a shark

There are more other fish and it’s fun but not Boilerish.


Dec 06th, 2022 Roca Partida

Clarity 20 mts, water temperature 28ºC.

Last trip Roca Partida was kind of lonely, but this time it was much better.

Three comfortable dives in a group of various sharks.


Dec 07th, 2022 Isla Socorro ( Punta tosca )

Clarity 15 mts, water temperature 26ºC.

On this day, all 3 dives were lucky dives surrounded by manta rays.

Dolphins and hammers were perfect, and it was a fulfilling day.

After receiving the navy inspection after finishing the third run,

Move to Isla Socorro.


Dec 08th, Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Clarity 15-20mts, water temperature 28ºC. 4 dives on this day, all 4 dives into a group of hammers

I was lucky enough to win Cabo Pierce.

Especially in the second and third runs, in addition to hammers, dolphins and manta rays gathered.

It was so much fun that I decided to dive for another day at the same point tomorrow.


Dec 09th, Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Remaining on this point is a great answer. Continuing from yesterday, Hammer & Dolphin & Manta Ray

Constantly hovering near divers.

A big hit day without any complaints. The potential of the sea of Socorro

It was an extremely luxurious day that was shown to me.


Dec 10th, 2022 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

The ocean situation is not bad, but yesterday and the day before yesterday were too flashy.

Compared to that, today’s diving felt sober. Luxury lol


Dec 11th, 2022

The return trip is calm. There were almost no waves, and we returned to port smoothly.


Dec 12th, 2022

08:00 breakfast

10:00 Airport transfer start

13:00 Trip ends

~Thank you for all guests !!~