[Mexico] Trip Report : DEC.13,2022- DEC.22, 2022, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 13DEC – 22DEC trip report !! 】


Dec 13 – 22, 2022


Dec 13th, 2022

17:00 Arrival of guests. Guidance to each cabin.

18:30 General orientation and crew introduction

19:30 Dinner

21:00 Depart for Revillagigedo. The route was a little rocky.


Dec 14th, 2022

I was a little worried because it was shaking quite a bit in the morning

In the afternoon the waves subsided a little and we managed to reach Socorro.


Dec 15th, 2022 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

There is no current, the transparency is low around 10m due to the influence of volcanic ash, and the water temperature is 24ºC.

I was able to dive 4 times without any problems, but to be honest, the result was a little plain.

That said, I can’t really complain about hammers and manta rays, lol


16/12/22 Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

Within the same San Benedicto island, change points to El Boiler.

It’s not that far away, but I was pleasantly surprised.

With 15 mts transparency and 25º C water temperature, all 4 hits!

Dolphins, manta rays, and tiger sharks abound as well as silvertips.

Hammers come out in flocks, and the flocks of horse mackerel are also very impressive.

The ocean is unpredictable.


Dec 17th, 2022 Roco Partida

The wind has subsided and the conditions are excellent.

Because 4 boats gathered at the same point, I did 3 dives that day.

Clarity 20 mts, water temperature 26ºC.

The number of silver chips, white chips, etc. has also been revived and Roca Partida

Jinbei appeared where I thought it was becoming a typical diving! ! ! !

Diving in three groups, but in all groups

A wonderful day for all customers to thoroughly enjoy Jinbei!


Dec 18th, 2022

Three on this day. The transparency is as low as 10m and the water temperature is 25ºC.

The first one is Roca Oneil. Maybe it’s because it was too calm and the flow stopped

Manta rays and hammers come out, but it doesn’t go as far as fever

Little by little. In the second half, we moved to Punta tosca. this is pretty

Not only are there many manta rays, but the distance to the divers is very close.

Everyone’s tension rises again ~.


Dec 19th 2022 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Cabo Pierce, who had a big fever on the previous trip, raised expectations even if he didn’t like it.

When I entered, the transparency was 20 mts and the water temperature was 25ºC. At the same time as the entry, manta rays and

Hammer dances wildly. All 4 of them are still this and this

One crowd after another. I’m sure Cabo Pierce is the most hit right now.

It was so amazing that the customer asked me to stay at the same point tomorrow without moving from here.

There was a request to dive, so I decided to change the schedule and stay at the same point!


Dec 20th, 2022 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Same or better Cabo Pierce than yesterday.

The relationship with dolphins is definitely more than yesterday.

When I played with manta rays to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, I saw angel fish that I hadn’t seen before.

The herd also begins to notice something really amazing.

It’s too much fun and it’s too bad that this is the last diving day of this cruise—.

I want to keep diving!


Dec 21th, 2022

I got carried away with the last dive and ended up with Cabo Pierce,

The return journey is longer than usual Bitter smile

Although there are some waves, many underwater photos until yesterday

Head to Cabo while exchanging.


Dec 22nd, 2022

02:00 After a long voyage of 42 hours (!), we finally arrived at San José del Cabo.

After breakfast, transfer customers to the airport, complete at 13:00!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this trip a happy one.