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Izu is located in Indo-Pacific, the ocean brimming with tropical and local fish and soft coral. One of the most conspicuous diving point there would be Mikomoto Island. Mikomoto island is an uninhabited island located at the southern end of Izu Peninsula, and it is close to Shimoda-shi which only takes a 15 minutes boat ride, 11km at south apart from Shimoda port. The size of Mikomoto island is about 0.1km2, 400m of horizontal length, and 32m of height. In the open sea space, surrounded by reefs, Mikomoto island is a mysterious underwater world, and famous for schools of hammerhead sharks.






Dive spot

Shoal of fish gathered around cause of the current, hammerhead sharks appears easier cause of the Kuroshio Current (Black Stream) as they love warm water. Which makes Mikomoto Island such an excellent and limited destination of seeing hammerhead sharks in the world. Hammerhead sharks can be see throughout whole years but the best season is during July – October, over hundreds of hammerhead sharks swimming with you is definitely an exciting diving experience


Near to Mikomoto island, ebb current flows to east, flood current flows to west, strong current occurs sometimes. During big current period, current flows to east is the strongest, almost can hold for a whole day. The highest flow rate can be 5km, sudden current normally happens in the northwest side and north side.


Kamene (カメ根)

Boat ride time: about 16 minutes

Water depth: Avg. 19m / most 30m

Diving style: Drift diving in middle area direct to south and land

Located in east south side of Mikomoto Island, affected by ebb current and flood current, a recognised best spot named as “A point” for seeing hammerhead sharks, white-eye sharks, wahoo fish, and etc huge marine animals.Divers can lie on the rocks and enjoy the hammerhead sharks theatre. Migratory fish like Japanese amberjack also gathered here. Diversity underwater dynamic view created by rocks, canyons and cracks intersect.





oat ride time: about 16 minutes

Water depth: Avg. 17m / most 22m

Diving style: Normal drift diving to “Kadone” at west and land

Located in west side, the ”front door” of Mikomoto Island. Although affected by ebb current, flows in inner area is usually calm, suitable for diver with less experiences. To be caution that fishing parties are around hence do not get close to the island when diving.




Boat ride time: about 16 minutes

Water depth: Avg. 19m / most 30m

Diving style: Drift diving in middle area direct to “Kamene” and land

The most interesting underwater dynamic view among all diving spots in Mikomoto Island. You can pass through various size of rocks here. Superior spot of seeing hammerhead sharks same as “Kamene”. Also located at the south side and affected by ebb current, huge marine animals and fishes will bring you abundant experience.



Boat ride time: about 16 minutes

Water depth: Avg. 19m / most 30m

Diving style: Normal drift diving to “Shirane”

The difficult spot located in north side, three rocks float to surface creating the biggest peaks in water. Affected by both flood current and ebb current. Bipolar underwater dynamic of the east side and west side. Main spotlight are still hammerhead sharks and white-eye sharks, and etc huge animals and the migratory fish groups.



Boat ride time: about 16 minutes

Water depth: Avg. 15m / most 23m

Diving style: Drift diving in middle area direct to north and land

Less depth of water in the east side of Mikomoto island. Although sudden current occurs when affected by flood current, the dynamic environment is stable normally. Flatten sand combining some rocks. Flatfish, Stingray, Japanese bullhead shark, Japanese angelshark, Asian sheepshead wrasse and etc distinctive types appear. Shipwrecks that nearby also make divers addicted to here.



Map of diving spot

Izu Peninsula is a popular diving destination near Tokyo, various diving spots, and various underwater view. There are colorful coral, plenty of pacific fish, shipwrecks, hundreds of hammerhead sharks. “East Izu” is famous for the spot “Izu Ocean park” and “Atami”; “West Izu” is famous of “Kumomi”, “Dako” and “Osezaki”; and “South Izu” is famous for “Mikomoto Isiand”. We provides tailormade scuba diving tour. You can chose rental car for only 4 hours drive from Tokyo, or taking railways from about 3 hours to visit Mikomoto Island, many of keen divers cannot resist the special experience of seeing hammerheads there.


Dive shop

Speaking of diving in Mikomoto Island, you must join Mikomoto Diveres!

Mikomoto Divers is  located at the southernmost of Izu Shimoda. It is very near to Mikomoto Island, with only around 20 minutes of boat travel. They support your first Mikomoto diving according to your skill. With the prudence and kindness of diving masters, let’s enjoy safely diving with hammerhead sharks together!

1) The local union required that divers must have experienced over 30 dives before diving in Mikomoto Island.
And if you are 60 years old or older, you will need a dictor’s certificate stating that you are allowed to scuba diving.
2) If it has been more than a year since your last dive, please make sure to do refresh diving before joining us.
3) If the weather conditions are not good for diving, we will arrage another dive point.