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Baja California is a peninsula in northwestern Mexico, where coyotes live in the mountains and cactuses prevail i n the reddish soil desert. La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur state, located at the south end of the peninsula and our dive cruise trip starts from here.

Socorro Island is located approximately 450 kilos south from the tip of the California Peninsula, Los Cabos. Los Cabos is a modernized and high-end resort area that is popular with luxurious hotels and trips.

Socorro Island, the solitary island in the distant sea, is an unsurpassed paradise with some of the planet’s biggest creatures promising you a truly spectacular experience!
All casts of an ocean, Giant Pacific Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks, Humpback Whales, and a large flock of dolphins all swim leisurely in this area.
After a voyage on the ship for approximately 24 hours, there suddenly appears four islands around which
To absolutely enjoy diving around Socorro Islands, we recommend you a diving liveaboard, M/V Valentina.
Enjoy the exciting Cruise trips, available from November through May!



Warm Latin people and the warm Latin ocean

Fun Baja is a dive center based in LaPaz, Mexico with professional, knowlegeable and super friendly dive experts.
Fun Azul Fleet Headquarter is a travel agency/dive center based in Tokyo, Japan with a branch office in Los Angeles California, USA.

Fun Baja and Club Azul established a co-operation in Baja California, Mexico in 2000 and have a trusting partnership that continues until today.

Our Policy –  We believe in our guiding ability

Guiding is one of the most important factors for you to enjoy scuba diving safely.
We do briefings by drawing diving-point-maps on a white board for each dive to make it clearly understandable. You will never feel alone because our experienced guides will keep showing you all kinds of sea life specific to Socorro area.

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A huge reef towering over theright in the middle of the open ocean is Roca Partida.
The drop off of the reef wall is 70-80m.
A large flock of Black Jacks, Mantas, and the Silver Tip Sharks can be spotted.
This is a dynamic big creature point with a school of Hammerhead Sharks covering your view
While Whale Sharks and Tiger Sharks could be swimming around you.
It takes approximately 6 hours by ship from the San Benedicto Island.

The rock which stuck out from the sea surface becomes the nest building place for Giant trevally and others. The voyage to this point is very weather pending because it is right in the middle of the open ocean.


A point in the Sun Benedicto Island. Asubmerged large sea mount rises from the bottom of the sea.
The sea mount drops down to around 50m.
The point is known for spotting Mantas, and migratory fishes such as Big Eye Jack, Greater Amberjack, and Black Jack. Hammerhead Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphins also give you a visit to swim along. You never know with what you can encounter. A large flock, over 100, of Yellow Fish Tuna passed right in front of our eyes when we went for a media shooting.



The point that large mantas wander about.
A large Manta reaching 4m fin tip to fin tip or a Black Manta circling over you is just breathtaking and you cannot keep your eyes off of them.
You may hear Humpback whales singing in the distance, and lucky divers can even meet the Humpback Whales underwater. It is a point at Sun Benedict Island having the report of romantic encounter with Whale Shark as well.


It is a point in the Socorro Island. Here, you dive around the sea mount that stretches towards the open sea. This is a point with multiple encounters with big creatures such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Hammerhead Sharks, and Mantas. Continuous exciting scenes with other big creatures such as Galapagos Sharks and Silver Tip Sharks will leave you breathless.

A predation scene of the Manta may be seen around these points. You often see the Humpback Whales breathing here as well.