Maldives Liveaboard | BLUE


Welcome to Maldives ~Scuba Divers’ Paradise~

Maldives, the scuba diver’s paradise, offers numerous scuba diving points you will love.
If you are staying in a resort you can generally scuba dive within 50 minutes radius and it is very rare to go further.

On the liveaboard ”BLUE” (previous FUN AZUL MALDIVES), you will enjoy diving across the atolls and visit  popular spots.

You will be uplifted through this fantastic experience of a dive safari!

We are your conceirge.

We are committed to provide our guests with the maximum satisfaction.
Anything that makes your diving trip enjoyable, we will do our best to make it happen!
Just contact us, we will get back to you with what we can offer you.

Numerous encounters with whale sharks and manta rays

Maldives can offer encounters with whalesharks and manta rays all year round. Our diving Liveaboard takes the best possible routes for the season to encounter these animals, taking advantage of the boat’s mobility and flexibility.
Don’t miss this opportunity to encounter the whalesharks and manta rays of your dreams with our luxury diving yacht, BLUE!


The daily Liveaboard schedule with BLUE

We offer a couple of dives in the morning and one dive in the afternoon. The liveaboard moves to the next diving point while you are resting on the boat.
We use a specialized boat for scuba diving to keep the liveaboard dry and clean.
We provide a spacious lounge, an open-plan sundeck, A/C, and showers and toilets are in all cabins. We provide a comfortable cruise experience.
Draft beers, and some alcohol are ready at the bar counter for you to enjoy after diving.


Our Policy – We are proud of our guiding abilities

To enjoy the sea of Maldives safely, skillful underwater guides are an absolute must.
We have experienced instructors on the liveaboard at all times for your safety.
We maintain careful and easily understandable briefings for each dive using a whiteboard.
Our diving style is a guide system. We generally break up into 2 or 3 diving groups, each having an experienced guide, so that you can enjoy the entire sea of Maldives from small to gigantic fish.


Our Policy – We are always looking to develop a new and exciting trip routes

The customary route of the dive safari starts from North Male Atoll proceeding to South Male Atoll, Ari Atoll, and ending up with Rasdhoo Atoll (Ari Route.) This well balanced route aims for viewing gigantic fish such as Manta rays in North Male Atoll and Ari Atoll, whalesharks in Ari Atoll, and hammerhead sharks in Rasdhoo Atoll, including beautiful corals and schools of fish as well.

Otherwise, we can offer interesting and exciting routes like Equatorial Route in the season, which goes to Gaafu Atoll crossing near or over the equator to reach an area still untouched while enjoying channel dives.

Between July and November, we have a special Baa Route which goes to Baa Atoll to search dozens of Manta rays dancing around while hovering.

We also have developed a luxury route combining the Baa Route and the South Route. Our clients have highly praised it.


Joyful meal

Our chef prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do our best to treat our guests with various delicious foods. We offer beach dinner when the weather and ocean condition permits.