Socorro Islands liveaboard


Socorro Islands liveaboard: Trip Report

[Mexico] Trip Report : Apr.30,2023- May.09, 2023, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 27Apr – 09May trip report !! 】

Apr30 – May09, 2023

Apr30, 2023

Customer embarkation date. General orientation after being guided to each cabin

and crew introductions. After dinner, depart for Socorro Islands at 20:00.

May01, 2023 Unfortunately, the outbound route was in very strong wind conditions.

High waves never subside until we reach San Benedicto

It was a rough and turbulent voyage.

May02-23, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Due to weather conditions, I had to dive three times a day at El Cañón for two days.

Underwater conditions were much better than expected, with visibility of around 15 mts and water temperature of 24ºC on both days.

Schools of hammers and manta rays are active on both days and come out many times, and schools of tuna are ridiculously large.

04-05/05/23 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Strong winds continue. Since the movement is difficult, the diving on the 3-4th day

Point of Cabo Pierce two days in a row. Clarity is 10-15 mts, water temperature is 24ºC.

There was almost no current in the water, so I was able to enjoy a comfortable dive.

Because there are many elderly people in the group and they wanted a relaxing dive

This time, the style is to relax and enjoy three bottles a day. here with manta

Dolphins are very popular.

06/05/23 Isla Socorro ( Punta Tosca )

Strong winds continue. Volcanic ash was also blown up, and the transparency on this day was 10 mts.

Water temperature 24ºC. By the time the second dive is over, I can’t continue diving at this point.

The wind was so strong that it was impossible and forced us to raise our anchors and move.

When I moved to Cabo Pierce and started the third run, I was lucky.

A happy surprise that a whale shark appeared! !

May07, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

After all, the wind did not subside until this day, and this time from the beginning to the end

It has become a trip of being shaken. The transparency at the final part is 10mts and the water temperature is 24ºC.

The final day is shark, shark, shark diving. A swarm of hammers, of course,

Galapagos, Silvertip, and other three shark festivals complete this dive!


[Mexico] Trip Report : Apr.18,2023- Apr.27, 2023, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 18Apr – 27Apr trip report !! 】

Socorro season Apr 18th-27th, 2023

Apr18th, 2023

Welcome orientation after arrival and guidance to each cabin

and crew introductions. After dinner, depart for the Revillagigedo Islands.

Apr19th, 2023

It was a little windy on the way out and the waves were high. Although it shook in the morning, in the afternoon

The wind has subsided a little, so I feel relieved.

Apr20th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

The first day of diving started with 3 dives. Three other ships were converging at the same point.

Clarity averages 10 mts, water temperature 24ºC. The influence of volcanic ash has come out a little, and the transparency is

While not the best, the fish are super energetic. Shark Parade (Hammer,

white tip, silver tip, silky, galapagos)

A typical Socorro day with manta rays wandering around.

Day 4 (Apr21st, 2023) Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

The second day is a lucky day with 4 dives♪

Clarity 15 mts, water temperature 24ºC. A day filled with manta rays.

In the second half, the current gradually became stronger, and on the 4th run, it felt like I had my hands full trying to avoid the current.

Day 5 (April 22nd, 2023)

Continuing from yesterday, Cabo Pierce. Clarity was better than yesterday, averaging around 20mts, water temperature 24ºC.

Of the three, the two in the morning were particularly good. to dolphins, manta rays and hammers

In addition, there is also a school of tuna that is worth seeing. Navy inspection after finishing three.

Day 6 (Apr23rd, 2023) Roca Partida

The conditions are perfect, especially the first two runs have a transparency of 20mts, a water temperature of 24ºC, and a good flow.

There was almost nothing, and when I was happy that I could easily dive, a whale shark appeared.

To be honest, Roca Partida is still a bit off, and there aren’t many big players.

Just when I was expecting it, this big guy suddenly appeared, and everyone suddenly got excited!


Day7 (Apr24th, 2023) Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

Oh my God! Another Jinbei here in the boiler! ! !

Roca and Boiler and Jinbei for two days in a row are too lucky. such as hammers and manta rays

The usual big things look like small things lol

Clarity 20 mts, water temperature 24ºC. A day where I could dive perfectly and enjoy a pleasant fatigue.

Day8 (Apr25th, 2023) San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Although the wind became stronger and the transparency fell as forecast, it was within expectations.

The flow was strong in the first run and it was a tough fight. The 2nd and 3rd shots have calmed down a bit, and the hammer’s

End the last day while enjoying a large herd.

Day9 (Apr26th, 2023)

On the way back, we were hit by strong winds. The ship shook quite a bit, so some customers got drunk.

The wind did not weaken on the way, and the return trip was swaying from beginning to end,

Especially for the last 100 miles

It’s hard to know that this kind of thing can happen to a natural opponent.

Day10 (Apr27th, 2023)

In the midst of the rough weather, I finally returned to the port safely on the long route.

After breakfast, the trip was completed with an airport transfer. good job for today!

[Mexico] Trip Report : Apr.07,2023- Apr.16, 2023, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 07Apr – 16Apr trip report !! 】

Valentina SOCORRO APR07 trip report #1

Apr 07th – 16th, 2023

Apr 07th, 2023

Customer boarding. Dinner after guiding the ship with general briefing after guiding to each cabin.

Departure with wind and waves for a while after departure.

Apr 08th, 2023

All-day moving day. The first half was still windy from yesterday, but it calmed down in the second half.

Apr 09th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Due to the influence of many boats gathering, the first day started with three boats.

All three dives were so fulfilling that I couldn’t choose which one was the best. Among the many sharks gathered, Hammer is especially energetic. Little current, 10 mts clarity, 24ºC water temperature.

Apr10th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

Four today

Hit the first and third. Dolphins appear in the first run, and manta rays circle around them. The third is a spectacular performance of manta rays and hammers. Clarity 20 mts, water temperature 24ºC.

Apr 11th, 2023 Roca Partida

Locapartida, which I’m interested in, dives three times. Although sharks and tuna came out, it didn’t explode as much as I expected, and it was a plain dive. The start was 20 mts clarity and 24ºC water temperature. While a thermocline occurred on the way, the transparency decreased in the latter half, and the water temperature dropped by 1-2°C.

Apr13th, 2023 Seguimos en Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Expecting the same fever as yesterday, Kabo Pierce today. As expected, the manta ray show is dangerous again today. Another dolphin came by and greeted all the divers. It was a lucky 4 dive day, and after a very satisfying day, we started moving towards San Benedicto Island.