Socorro Islands liveaboard


Socorro Islands liveaboard: Trip Report

[Mexico] Trip Report : JAN.31- FEB.09, 2021, Socorro Islands

Valentina SOCORRO Island !!

【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #1】


Día 1 Embarking day 17:00 Guests arrival and guidance to each cabin 18:30 General orientation, crew presentation and sharing Covid protocol.19:30 Dinner and next day program 21:00 Departure to REVILLAGIGEDO

Oue way was calm with little swell

Día 2 Navigating day08:00 Start of activities, breakfast10:30 Safety orientation and diving with M/V Valentina 13:30 Lunch

14:00 Presentation of REVILLAGIGEDO ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK, thier rules and how to interact with pelagic life.19:00 Dinner and next day program 22:00 End of activities Navigating condition continued with calm.

Día 3 Isla SAN BENEDICTO (El Cañón)06:30 Start of activities 07:30 Dive #109:00 Breakfast 10:30 Dive #2 12:00 Lunch

13:30 Dive #3 16:00 Dive #4 19:00 Dinner and next day program 22:00 End of activities Dies at CAÑÓN was incredible !! All 4 dives were great with active pelagic. From the first dive, mantas, dolphin, many different types of sharks(hammerhead, whitechip, silverchip, galapagos…. etc), the only shark we missed this day was tiger shark. Especially our third dive was thirilling with big school of hammerhead sharks and mantas.

All our guest finished diving very happy this day.



【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #2】


Día 4 Isla SAN BENEDICTO ( El Boiler)

06:30 start of activity

07:30 dive #1

09:00 breakfast

10:30 dive #2

12:30 dive #3

14:00 lunch

16:00 dive #4

19:30 dinner and next day shcedule check

22:00 end of activities

First three dive we did at Boiler but only one of those was great with mantas. It seemed Boiler was not good as usual, we’ve decieded to change the point and went back to Cañón for our 4th dive. And boom! this dive was great, lots sharks and mantas were around us and finished this day so happily.



【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #3】


Day5 Isla Socorro Cabo Pierce

06:30 activity start

07:30 dive#1

09:00 breakfast

10:30 dive#2

12:00 lunch

13:40 dive#3

16:30 dive#4

19:00 dinner

condition was good with 50ft visibility, water temperture75F, no current. Even though, marine life was not very much active this day. The best was our 2nd dive with mantas and hammerhead sharks, other dive was pretty much quiet.



【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #4】


Día 6 Isla Socorro (Punta tosca)

06:30 activity start

07:30 dive#1

09:00 breakfast

10:30 dive #2

12:00 lunch

13:30 dive#3

16:30 dive#4

19:00 dinner

The wind rised as report had said, condition had been changed this day. Visibility 30ft, water temperture 73F. First dive was quiet but the second was incredible playing with dolphins!!! Third dive was with strong current, forth was again with dolphins very closed from divers. We finished dive with big satisfaction.


【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #5】
Day 7 Isla San Benedicto (El Cañón)
06:30 Start of activity
07:30 Dive #1
09:00 breakfast
10:30 Dive #2
13:00 Dive #3
14:00 lunch
16:30 Dive #4
19:00 dinner
We had great dive condition this day with 65ft visibility and water temperture 75F. Met mantas and big school of hammerhead sharks, also whitetip, silvertip, dusky, galapagos, blacktip etc, all kind of sharks were around us. Dolphins was super playful and finally we met a tiger shark ♪
It was so incredible dives, we decided no to go to Roca Partida for next day and continue diving here in El Cañón since we had some report that Roca Partida’s condition was not great this week.
【Jan31, 2021 Trip Report #6】
So excited with our last day of diving!
Day 8 Isla San Benedicto (El Cañón)06:30 Start of activity 07:30 Dive #1 09:00 Breakfast
10:30 Dive #2 12:30 Dive #3 14:00 Lunch
15:30 Dive #4
19:00 Dinner
It was another day of super lucky diving.
All 4 dives were incredible, looooots of hammerhead sharks, again with tiger shark, mantas, dolphins, etc etc. Condition was great as same as yesterday, it was perfect decision to remain in this dive site.
We ended up with being able to do 4 dives all 6 days, total 24 dives!!! Do to lots dive cruise around the area, we can say it is MIRACLE to finish with 24 dives nowadays. We were completely satisfied with this trip, it couldn’t be better.
Day 9 navigation
08:00 breakfast
shopping time
13:00 lunch
payment time
photo competition
19:00 dinner
24:00 arriving to Puerto Los Cabos area
Day 10 disembarking day
07:00 first tranfer to airport 08:00 breakfast
10:00 second transfer to airport 13:00 third transfer to airport
13:30 staff departure toward La Paz
End of trip.

[Mexico] Trip Report : MAR.05- 14, 2020, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : MAR.05 – 14, 2020, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

Day 6, the last day of diving for the trip, we had two dives at El Canyon. The water temperature was 22-23 deg.C. The visibility was 10-15 meters. The 1st dive had a strong current and the 2nd dive had a strong heave as sea condition. In the early morning, we heard of Dolphins! And yes, although it was a blink, but they passed by us quickly.  We stayed nearby the reef aiming for an encounter with Hammerheads since the water was cloudy.  There was a wall of Creole Fish. Then, over the wall of Creoles, there was a couple of Hammerhead Sharks! As we moved to the cleaning station, there was many of Silvertip Sharks swimming around. One of them was soooo big! Just as big as a Galapagos Shark. Besides, we could observe the glitter schools of Bigeye Trevallies and Cottonmouth Jacks! So beautiful!  Thank you all for choosing us and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope to see you all again!

[Mexico] Trip Report : MAR.05- 14, 2020, Socorro Islands Vol.5

[#Mexico] Trip Report : MAR.05 – 14, 2020, #Socorro Islands Vol.5

Day 5, again, we were the only boat at Cabo Pierce all day long. We had all the three dives there. The water temperature was 22-23 deg.C. The visibility was 10-20 meters. Because there were no other boats, we fully had a relaxing diving schedule. The condition was better than the day before. The visibility was totally different at the north side compare to the south side. It was beautifully blue color spread out when you see the north side of the reef, but you see beige milky color for the south side. So we stayed in the north side. We could encountered with Manta Rays here and there. The record of the day was total 7 Manta Rays for a dive! We found some Hammerhead Sharks in the blue water as well. To be continued…