[Mexico] Trip Report : NOV.23,2022- DEC.01, 2022, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO Nov23 trip report !! 】

The long-awaited Socorro season is here! !

What kind of sea can we meet this year? I’m especially excited.

Nov 23rd, 2022 Passenger boarding date

18:00 Crew introduction and general orientation.

19:30 Dinner

21:00 Departure.

Nov 24th, 2022

The sea on the outbound route is calm. Socorro is sailing time to the point

Since it is very long at more than 24 hours, calm sea conditions with little shaking

Thank you very much.

Orientation and presentation about Socorro National Monument

Spend a relaxing day on the go.

19:00 Dinner.

Arrived at 3am on the morning of the 25th.

Nov 25thm 2022 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Visibility on the first day was around 10m. The water temperature is 27ºC.

I was able to do four dives perfectly. Although I felt that the manta rays were smaller than usual

Playing with dolphins during diving from the first day and joining a group of hammers

Encountering, and seeing as if it were The Socorro,

Customers are very satisfied.

Nov 26th, 2022 Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

For some reason, the number of manta rays is still small today.

Manta rays usually come out so much that I get tired of manta heaven

Only one came out though it was a boiler.

However, there are many other fish such as hammerheads.

4 dives without getting bored.

At the end, a group of hammers came out to a fairly shallow water.

This is also a rare occurrence, so it was a boiler with a different feeling than usual.

Nov 27th, 2022 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

When I went south, it was about 20m with good transparency.

The water temperature here is also 27ºC. today is another lucky day with 4 dives.

All four dives are very good dives. manta rays, dolphins,

In addition to hammers, tiger sharks too!

Nov 28th, 2022 Isla Socorro ( Roca O Nélida & Punta Tosca )

In the first two, the manta rays came close to the divers.

Powerful. Volcanic ash was blown up for the second run, and the transparency was slightly reduced.

Observe the group of hammers firmly.

Punta Tosca in the second half with manta rays, dolphins and tiger sharks

A gorgeous line-up of 4 on this day as well.

Nov 29th, 2022 Roca Partida

The condition of Roca Partida, which we are looking forward to, is not so good as the transparency is only 10m.

The water temperature is warm at 28ºC. Last year was a bad year for Roca Partida,

Maybe this year it makes me think that other points might be better than Roca

Thinness of fish shadow. Even the promised rocky white chips are scarce.

Nov 30th, 2022 Isla San Benedicto (El Cañón)

When I moved to EL CAÑÓN, it was many times better than Roca Partida! !

hammerhead, galapagos shark, silver tip, black tip,

A parade of sharks, one after another, with white tip, silky, and tiger.

Diving for this trip is over with three gorgeous dives suitable for the last day.

In the afternoon, we headed north on our way home.

Dec 01st, 2022

Moving day. Now the trip is calm on the way back.

A relaxing day while drying the equipment and showing photos to each other.

Dec 02nd, 2022

08:00 breakfast

09:30 Group photo

10:00 Airport transfer start.

The thrilling first trip ended successfully with a smile on the customer’s face~