Trip Report : FEB. 24-MAR.03, 2018, Deep South(Equatorial) Route2 from Gaafu to Addu

The second Equatorial Trip is completed!
From 24 Feb – 3Mar, we dived the best of Gaafu Atoll and Fuvahmulah Atoll with countless sharks!!!!

First day we started from Gaafu Atoll!
We did only one dive today at Villingili Kandu, countless Grey Reef Sharks, some White Tip Sharks, quite a few Yellow Fin Tunas, school of Jacks, and a group of Barracudas. We always have some current at this dive site, so better go down faster, and keep yourself near the edge to see more big fishes. 🤗

We were again at Villingili Kandu for two dives on the second day, from the experience of yesterday, our divers remembered to kick harder at the beginning so they can be always along the edge, it makes the whole dive much easier. We jumped two groups at each corner so we can swim towards each other from two sides of the channel, and all the sharks can gather in the middle, as usual, we saw 100+ Grey Reef Sharks, some White Tip Sharks, big Tunas, school of Jacks, Barracudas, and Nepoleon too! two dives here are more less the same, sometimes Egale Rays and Giant Barracudas too.
Too much swimming in the morning, we picked a easy shark feeding dive in the afternoon, at Kooddoo Shark Point, our crew got some leftover from the fish factory in Kooddoo, and we did the dive nearby. We stayed at 10-15m the whole dive, watching about 10 spinner sharks hunting for food, it was fun and exciting! A big Nepoleon was there too, just keep in mind that don’t go shallower than 5m when our crew is feeding, the sharks may get really close to you when they’re eating.
Last dive of the day, we were at Boava Faru, we jumped outside of the channel, and follow the current to drift back inside. We saw some Grey Reef Sharks and Tunas at the beginning of the dive, then when we were turning to the inner part of the channel, four Egale Rays swam by, at the end of the dive, we met a Feather Tailed Stingray at 15m.

More days will be updated shortly.

Water temperature is from 28-30℃, 3mm wetsuit is enough, we do have some thermocline in some dives for a short time, if you don’t like to feel too chilly, a hood or 5mm may be suggested.😋