Trip Report : FEB. 17-24 2018, Deep South(Equatorial) Route1 from Male to Gaafu

A trip which everyone has been looking very forward to do in every year is finally started!🎉🎉
From 17 to 24 Feb, from Male down to Foammulah, it is our DEEP SOUTH trip limited four weeks a whole year.
North Male Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, Meemu Atoll, Thaa Atoll, Lammu Atoll, Gaafu Atoll and Fuvahmulah are all the way covered in our six days diving trip.

First dive at Maagili Rock, we saw nudibranches, some cleaner shrimps, long nose hawfishes, gobi fishes, yellow snappers and two lobsters!!
afterthat, we moved to Vaavu atoll for the next, Miyaru Kandu, there were so many Grey Reef Sharks though the visibility wasn’t so good in the late afternoon, white tip sharks and Nepoleon were also there, after the dive, dolphins sawm right next to us on the surface, BIG surprise!!!
Last dive of the day at Alimatha Jetty for some real hunger game with Nurse Sharks, Jacks and Stingrays, unusual black tip shark also came for a photo.

We went all the way to Meemu Atoll after the night dive.
Mulaku Kandu as our first, it locates at the North side of the atoll, the structure of the deep wall down to 60+, where we dived next to, was very beautiful, we met quite a few reef sharks here, grey reef and white tip, and also Tunas, a Turtle.
Second dive at Dhiggaru Kandu, the nice coral life surprised us. With the crystal clear water, it was a great dive with many color reef fishes, like blue parrot fishes family, different kind of snappers, even there were not many many sharks.
Kureli Kandu as the third dive of the day, it is a manta point at SW side of Meemu Atoll, we didn’t meet Mantas at the cleaning stations, but one Egale ray and one Stingray instead, and too many Triggerfishes for only one dive.

Third day at Thaa Atoll, we gotta move very often as the schedule is so tight that we have to reach Gaafu as soon as possible.
Early morning dive at Dhiyamigili Kandu, we tried to find hammerhead sharks at the outer reef, but only a silky shark shallowed up, the current was picking up in the morning, it takes us to a kilometer far from where we jumped.
We dived again at the same site, but inter reef for the second try out. Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Sharks, and Giant Tunas were there, some reef fishes and Egale Rays too.
We went to Lammu atoll, dived at Vadirulhu Kandu for last dive before going to Gaafu Atoll. Like all channel dives we have had in the last two days, there are always some current some reef sharks, some Tunas and Jacks.

We reached Gaafu Atoll on the forth day!
We did two dives at Villingili Kandu, countless grey reef sharks, some white tip sharks, school of Jacks, Giant Tunas hunting snappers. Go down faster, kick a little bit more and hook on, to watch all actions!! It was awesome!! When the dive is about to finish, drift with the current to shallow up, look down whiIe drifting, it is often to find a Turtle or two at the bottom, about 10-15m.

We are doing four dives a day right now, tiring but fun! The last two days will be uploaded soon, wait for us !!!

The weather is generally good, water temperature is 28-30℃ like always, 3mm wetsuit is enough. 👍

We have a few spaces left for the last south trip, you should join us!!!😍