[Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 3-9, 2018, Sea of Cortez Vol.2

[#Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 3-9, 2018, Sea of #Cortez Vol.2

The day 3,  we had 3 dives at El Bajo aiming for Hammerhead Sharks. This was the last diving experience at El Bajo with Valentina for this season. We could spot some of the Hammerhead Sharks in the bottom successfully. Despite of the fact that they were a little far from us, we still could them clearly because of the good visibility with 30-35 meters. Unfortunately it was yet hard to take their picture though.

The day 4, we had 3 tanks of dive at La Reina. The visibility was good and the current was slow.  The Sea Lions here are older than the ones in Los Islotes. They are more likely young adults. So their behavior is totally different. We were split to two team that one went to observe young adult Sea Lions and the other went to see other creatures like Bigeye Scads and Octopus. The 4th dive of the day was at La Reinita. We don’t come here often but this is my favorite. We were welcomed by Gulf Toptail Pompano and Rainbow Chub.  Besides, a school of Mexican Goatfish were seen at the sand area. I like it here with the unique terrain.

The water temperature was 25-28 deg.C. To be continued…