[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 29-OCT. 05, 2018, Sea of Cortez Route Vol.2

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 29-OCT. 05, 2018, Sea of #Cortez Route Vol.2

The day 3, we spent a whole day at El Bajo aiming for Hammerhead Sharks for 3 tanks of dive. However, we could not make it. It seemed there was no boat had a luck of it. This could happen with mother nature. Bummer!

The day 4, we had the first 2 dives at Lobera de San Francisquito.  Right after the entry there was a school of Barracudas welcoming us. As the school became bigger and bigger, we ended up being surrounded by the Barracudas’ tornado! The 3rd dive was at Punta Tintorera. While we were looking for the regular Signal Blennies here as always, there were seven Mobula Rays passed by! Cool! The 4th dive was at Punta Fun Baja. There were more than a hundred of Mobulas gathering! Everyone got so excited!

The water temperature was 27-30 deg.C. To be continued…