[Maldives] Trip Report : OCT. 6-14, 2018, Male, Ari and Baa Atoll Full Trip Vol.2

[#Maldives] Trip Report : OCT. 6-14, 2018, #Male, #Ari and #Baa Atoll #FullTrip Vol.2

The day 3, the 1st dive of the day was at Lax Out in the South Ari Atoll. It was kind of a Whale Shark search dive but it wasn’t successful. Yet we saw Whitetip Reef Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks and los of Turtles. Besides, The school of Bluebanded Snappers and Goldlined Seabreams made me heal somehow. Before the 2nd dive, we found some dhonis and snorkelers on the surface. What should it be? It might be a Whale Shark. And yes, it was! We jumped in the water with snorkel with it! Hooray! We also made it with Scuba diving for the 2nd dive.

The day 4, on the way to get to the North Ari Atoll, we had the 1st dive of the day at Kudarah Thila in the South Ari Atoll. This spot is well known as one of the Marine Protect Area so that means there are many fish here. Especially, Yellowback Fusiliers and Yellowbanded Fusiliers were amazing. Plus, we found ourselves surrounded by a big school of Bluebanded Snappers. The 2nd dive was at Omadhoo Thila in the South Ari Atoll. We enjoyed to observe the beautiful and colorful Soft Corals at the overhang. We also enjoyed the swim throughs. The 3rd dive was at Fish Head in the North Ari Atoll. This spot is also selected as a Maldivian Marine Protect Area. There was such a great current condition as we were diving to see Grey Reef Sharks. The 4th dive was at Fesdhoo Goni in the North Ari Atoll as a night Manta dive. We successfully saw Manta Rays.

The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C. The water temperature was 27-28 deg.C. To be continued…