[Mexico] Trip Report : Apr.07,2023- Apr.16, 2023, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 07Apr – 16Apr trip report !! 】

Valentina SOCORRO APR07 trip report #1

Apr 07th – 16th, 2023

Apr 07th, 2023

Customer boarding. Dinner after guiding the ship with general briefing after guiding to each cabin.

Departure with wind and waves for a while after departure.

Apr 08th, 2023

All-day moving day. The first half was still windy from yesterday, but it calmed down in the second half.

Apr 09th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Due to the influence of many boats gathering, the first day started with three boats.

All three dives were so fulfilling that I couldn’t choose which one was the best. Among the many sharks gathered, Hammer is especially energetic. Little current, 10 mts clarity, 24ºC water temperature.

Apr10th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

Four today

Hit the first and third. Dolphins appear in the first run, and manta rays circle around them. The third is a spectacular performance of manta rays and hammers. Clarity 20 mts, water temperature 24ºC.

Apr 11th, 2023 Roca Partida

Locapartida, which I’m interested in, dives three times. Although sharks and tuna came out, it didn’t explode as much as I expected, and it was a plain dive. The start was 20 mts clarity and 24ºC water temperature. While a thermocline occurred on the way, the transparency decreased in the latter half, and the water temperature dropped by 1-2°C.

Apr13th, 2023 Seguimos en Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

Expecting the same fever as yesterday, Kabo Pierce today. As expected, the manta ray show is dangerous again today. Another dolphin came by and greeted all the divers. It was a lucky 4 dive day, and after a very satisfying day, we started moving towards San Benedicto Island.