[Mexico] Trip Report : Mar.21,2023- Mar.28, 2023, Valentina SOCORRO trip

【Valentina SOCORRO 21Mar – 28Mar trip report !! 】

Upon arrival, we will guide you to your cabin.

Briefing, introduction of the crew, and dinner before departure.

There was a slight wind, and the ship was slightly rocking at the start.

Mar 22nd, 2023

I assumed a tailwind from the north, but there were only a few waves and

It was a fairly smooth route.

Mar 23rd, 2023 Isla San Benedicto (El Cañón)

Although the wind began to blow at dawn as forecast, we arrived at San Benedicto safely.

There are other diving cruise ships staying in the same area, and three on this day

diving. Excellent conditions, 20 mts clarity, 24ºC.

All three hit and dived. shark (hammer, galapagos, silver tip,

White Chip, Black Chip) is unlimited viewing. Manta rays are also friendly.

I was very happy from the first day. According to the wind forecast for this week, surely

I moved to Socorro Island while expecting other ships to move in the same way.

Mar 24th, 2023 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

As expected, several ships gathered, but fortunately I was the second starter.

I did 4 dives that day. How the manta ray dances around the diver one after another

I can only describe it as elegant. Especially the 4th one is about to touch

She was thrilled to swim so close. Dolphins also appeared, but this

Observation from a little distance without approaching.

Clarity 15 mts, water temperature 24ºC. There was a stream all day long.

Mar 27th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto (El Cañón )

4 this day! Clearness of 20 mts and water temperature of 24ºC are perfect conditions.

Sharks, manta rays, and dolphins, all of which are said to be Sokoro, are all in full force.

Mar 28th, 2023 Isla San Benedicto ( El Boiler )

I’ve seen too many big shots and thought there was nothing more, but no

As expected of Socorro. Everyone was surprised by the Boiler on the final day. . . . .

Finally, I encountered a humpback whale in the water, and a parent and child! ! ! ! ! next to it

Dolphins and manta rays. Her eyes are heart-shaped and her chest is pounding. strong wind in the first half

All the things that bothered me were the best day ever.

This kind of situation is rare, so the guide is more excited! ?

It looked like it would be windy on the way back, so I thought it would be better to leave early.

Two dives on the final day at the discretion of the captain.