[Mexico] Trip Report : JAN.21- 30, 2020, Socorro Islands Vol.4

[#Mexico] Trip Report : JAN.21 – 30, 2020, #Socorro Islands Vol.4

Day 4, we had all the four dives of the day at Roca Partida. The water temperature was 25 deg.C. The visibility was fantastic as 10-15 meters. The sea condition continued to be calm. And Mantas at Roca Partida also continued to have party here! They were going around the site, we encountered with them again and again. Every encounters, they swam through us! It was cute to see that a small male Manta was chasing a big female Manta. And it was very funny that one male was chasing another male. Total 5 of Manta Rays we encountered with. This is rare at here, Roca Partida!  As we went out for the blue water, the juveniles of Yellowfin Tunas and a school of Kawakawas were there.  Besides, about a dozen of Hammerheads were seen! To be continued..