[Mexico] Trip Report : OCT.05- 11, 2019, Sea of Cortez Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : OCT.05- 11, 2019, Sea of #Cortez Vol.1

Hola! We came back from another adventure in the sea of Cortez. Without further ado, here is the report. The 1st dive was at Punta Lobos as a check dive. The visibility was a okay for Punta Lobos as 18-20 meters. The water temperature was 25-28 deg.C.  The juveniles of Pacific Creole-fish have been seen often recently. The color of them is brilliant yellow but it will turn to be red-ish brown as they grow up. The 2nd and the 3rd dives were at La Reina. The visibility was 8-13 meters. The water temperature was 27-28 deg.C.  Although the water was cloudy we could have a relax diving with not so strong current. My personal highlight of the day was the river of the Rainbow Runners! It was not a great condition to see it clearly but the river of them were floating near the surface. The schools of Hawaiian Ladyfish, Brito Grant, Mexican Goatfish and Yellow Snappers were seen as well.

Day 2, we dove all the 4 tanks of dive of the day at Los Islotes. The visibility was 10-15 meters. The water temperature was 26-28 deg.C. The site was very busy with all those scuba divers and the snorkelers. The advantage of us with M/V Valentina is that we can exclusively dive here for the 1st dive of the day in the early morning. The baby Sea Lions were not intimidated with us anymore. I feel like I am their auntie looking after them growing up! Of course, we enjoyed the school of Sardine as always. To be continued…