[Mexico] Trip Report : AUG. 10- 15, 2019, Sea of Cortez Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : AUG. 10- 15, 2019, #SeaOfCortez Vol.1

Hola! Finally the new season of M/V Valentina has started in the sea of Cortez! My name is Shizuko, it is a great honor for me to report about what happens in the water as a dive guide. Here is the trip report;

Day 1, we visited San Rafaelito for the check dive. The water temperature was 26 deg.C. There were many California version of Sergeant Majors gathered. I got a Sea-Lion bit my fins for the first time of this season already! The 2nd dive was at Fang Ming.  We enjoyed observing the endemic Cortez Angelfish. I am looking forward to seeing their striped-pattern babies soon! The 3rd dive was at C-59, another wreck point. The school of Golden Trevally juveniles were swimming around. Although they were juveniles, they were big enough to surprise us when we were nearby.  The 4th dive was at Swanee Reef. The huge shoal of Bigeye Scad suddenly made us in the dark spot. And a school of Barracudas approached us from the side. Then, we saw the river of Jacks streaming!  To be continued…