Socorro Islands Trip Report : APR 28 – MAY 07, 2018

#Mexico #Socorro Islands Trip Report : APR 28 – MAY 07, 2018

Hola!  We went for the Socorro diving trip with the guests from Japan and USA, who joined our second last journey of this season. It was kind of a reunion party trip because more than a half of the guests have been diving with us before.  The ocean showed us almost everything! We encountered with a Tiger Shirk out of the blue from the first dive of the trip. Could not be happier! Besides, we met up with a school of Hammerhead Sharks at all the sites,  El Canyon, El Boiler, Roca Partida and Cabo Pierce, we visited. We had played well with Dolphins, of course, and encountered with a False Killer Whale during the last dive of the trip. It was perfect for the finale!! Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope to see you all again!