Trip Report : MAR.31-APR.7, 2018, Vaavu Atoll Route

Trip Hong Kong from 31 Mar – 7 Apr has been happily completed.
We have been to North Male Atoll, South Male Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, South Ari Atoll, North Ari Atoll, and Rasdhoo Atoll.

First day, We dived at Fish Tank, for 10+ Stingrays, countless butterfly fished and blue snappers, super fat Moray eels, and a Nepoleon, it is an easy good place for check dive.
Second dive at Maagili Rock, the rock is down from 15m-25m. The group of yellow snappers there made everyone happy, Maldivian Blue Snails, Nudibranches, Lobster, Mantis shrimps and some cleaning shrimps are always here, when we were shallowing up for safety stop, we met one Mobula Ray at 6m.
Third dive at Naseemo Thila with some washing machine current. We drifted too fast, didn’t really able to explore the nice side of the colorful soft corals, but we saw two turtles, a Nepoleon, a few white tips sharks, not bad!

We moved to Rasdhoo Atoll on the second day, first dive in the early morning at Rasdhoo Madivaru for Hammerhead Sharks and we met one luckily !!
Second dive we met some Tunas, school of Jacks, 10 Egale Rays and a few Grey Reef Sharks.
Kan Thila for the third dive, 3 Nepoleons, many Grey Reef Sharks and White Tip Sharks, 2 Egale Rays, and the current isn’t so strong, everyone is happy.
For Manta night dive, we met 3 Mantas at Fesdhoo Goni, they were very curious and came really close to us, and they have been stayed next to our boat for some hours until midnight, we enjoyed watching them after the dive and dinner at the back side of the boat, very lucky.

Third day, we dived first at Fesdhoo Wreck, on the two sides of the wreck, you would find some seafans where long nose hawfishes and glass shrimps living there. Lionfishes, nudibranches are common here, we saw an Octopus and Turtle too, at the reef next to the wreck, we saw a Scorpion fish, some nudibranches and Mantis shrimp, on the way ascending up, 3 Mobula rays passed by.
Second dive at our manta lover’s favorite, Moofushi Manta Point. There were many white tip sharks lying on the bottom about 28m, sweetlips, snappers and leaf fish are around the cleaning station, there were 7 Mantas at that dive with 5 baby Egale Rays.
After that, we did a easy semi drift dive at Kahlahalhadhi. It is a place usually with some current, so the coral live here are quite pretty, some pink or yellow soft corals and many big letter corals, we saw 2 turtles and a Nepoleon, two Mantas flied by.

Forth day was a busy whale shark day!!
We did three dives around Maamigili area in South Ari Atoll.
Right after we moved the boat out of the harbour, whale shark passed by our boat, we did a snorkeling with it before we went for a search dive. Didn’t meet him underwater though.
We didn’t want to snorkel too hard, we geared up and waited on the boat for him to shallow up for the second dive, we jumped right next to him when he is located. After five minutes with him, we kept on searching for another one, we met one around 15m, we were the first group seeing it, and it comes right in front of us before too many people tried to get closer. We had a lovely time swimming closely with our Mr. Whale shark.
We tried our luck again in the third dive, 12 Mobula rays came to us, and before we finished the dive, when shark passed by on top of us !!
Beach BBQ after a long busy day.

On the fifth day, we reached Vaavu Atoll.
First early morning dive at Fotteyo, no hammerheads and only blue water.
Second dive at Fushi Kandu, a place where all babies gathered. We have many grey reef shark babies, they are as small as 0.5m, very cute! And group of baby Barracudas and baby Egale Rays!! Turtles, Puffer fishes, and Nepoleon were also the highlights.
Third dive we planned to dive in Miyaru Kandy but the current wasn’t right, it was out going current, we decided to stay out for this place to keep a dive for better tomorrow!
So the third dive was on Alimatha Jetty in the evening.
It is a famous place for nurse sharks, stingrays, and Jacks, almost every liveaboard in Maldives comes here, it can be really crowded! But it is also one of the reasons why divers came back to Maldives.
As usual, we had more than 30 Nurse Sharks, around 7-10 stingrays, and many Jacks and Giant Jacks for a one night dive. They all come really close to you sometimes, just remember to stay calm.😂😂😝

Last day at one of our favorites, Kandooma Thila.
First dive and second dive here were with no so strong incoming current. We met 20 grey reef sharks, some white tip sharks, Jacks, Turtles, 20 Egale rays and Nepoleon, it is a great place usually requested some current against actions.
On the last of this trip, we decided to have a fun easy dive for photographs. we went to Emboodoo Reef, there is a beautiful sandy bottom at shallow which is prefect for some underwater surfing and pictures. Surprisingly, group of 8 stigrays we’re all the time swimming and playing around us, seems like they were trying to escape from a group of sucker fishes. Max depth was 15m so we all had a long easy fun dive for 70mins.

Thanks for diving with us! We hope you like it, and see you next time
Weather is great, water temperature around 28-30℃, 3mm wetsuit is enough.