Socorro Islands Trip Report : MAR 04 – 13, 2018

#Mexico #SocorroIslands trip report : MAR 04 – 13, 2018

Hola! It was the trip chartered by the scubadivers all the way from Spain! Gracias, gracias! We started with a great luck to see Manta Rays for entire 40 minutes of our check dive at El Canyon! After that, a school of Giant Hammerhead Sharks, a school of Juvenile Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks came appear to us. Such a great condition! At El Boiler, all the dives we had was all about Manta Rays. They were gigantic that once we almost got confused with a great hammerhead! And we also saw 4 of the huge -about 4 meter sized Manta Rays made a formation passed by. At Cabo Pierce the friendly Dolphins came to us to say hello. Besides, at Roca Partida, we heard the noise kind of screeching our ears, Fales Killer Whales were singing! Then, we finally met them as a school of 34 of Fales Killer Whales! Hooray! They were attacking some other fish such as Yellowfin Tunas. It was soooooo exciting! The water temperature was 23-25 deg.C. The air temperature was 18-24 deg.C. The combination of a 5mm wetsuit and an innershirt was strongly recommended. And please don’t forget to bring a windbreaker on the deck. Muchisimas gracias por acompanarnos y esperamos que nos veremos!