[Mexico] Trip Report : APR. 25-MAY.4, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : APR. 25-MAY.4, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

The day 6, at El Canyon, the water temperature was 23-25 deg.C. The visibility was around 8-15 meters.  We could observe Dolphins very well as expected! We could even see Dolphins hunt!  Besides, Hammerhead Sharks were here and there, on the other hand Manta was passing by, and Galapagos Shark was gathered as well. We had a hard time to decide which way we look! The visibility was not great. However, there were 3 very friendly Manta Rays came and played with us for a while. At the end, we could encounter with a dozen of Hammerhead Sharks!! Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip amazing! Hope to see you all again!