[Maldives] Trip Report : MAR.16 – 22, 2019, Male – Ari – Vaavu Route Vol.1

[#Maldives] Trip Report : MAR.16 – 22, 2019, #Male – #Ari – #Vaavu Route Vol.1

We had another fun trip with the guests from Japan.  Here is the report.  The 1st dive was at Maagiri Rock in the North Male atoll as a check dive. The underwater world was very bustling with many fish. Bluestriped Snappers and Sea Goldies were seen everywhere. Peacock Mantis Shrimps were doing hide and seek. And three Mobulas came to say hello at the end.  The 2nd dive was at Fish Tank.  Pink Whiprays were everywhere. The All-star Moray Eels were living with the cramped conditions as always. Besides, Napoleon and Spotted Eagle Rays were seen as well.

The day 2, the 1st dive of the day was at Fish Head in the North Ari atoll. It was a great visibility in the water. We were surprised by a 3-meter-size of Great Hammerhead Shark near the rock. We did not expected this encounter, but it was great that happened! The 2nd dive and the 3rd dive were at Moofushi Kandu in the South Ari atoll. The eight Reef Manta Rays were lined up as a train above of their cleaning station as we got there. Besides there were many Grey Reef Sharks in the deep side. The endemic Madagascar Butterflyfish, Spotted Butterflyfish, Bigeye Barracudas and Octopus were seen as well. The 4th dive was at Radhdhiggaa Thila. We found many Grey Reef Sharks at the sand area where we entered. I recommend this spot for the divers who loves to observe landform because of the overhangs.

The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C.  The water temperature was 28-29 deg.C. The 3mm wetsuit was recommended. To be continued…