[Maldives] Trip Report : MAR.2 – 9, 2019, Deep South Equatorial Route from GAAFU to MALE Vol.2

[#Maldives] Trip Report : MAR.2 – 9, 2019, Deep South #Equatorial Route from #GAAFU to #MALE Vol.2

We are on the special route number 4! It’s an irregular trip went through from #Gaafu to #Male including #Laamu, #Thaa, #Meemu and #Vaavu atolls!

The day 3, we stayed and dove at #Fuvahmulah for another entire day!  The weather was fantastic and the ocean was very calm. We had 2 tank dives at Fuvahmulah. Some Silvertip Sharks welcomed us immediately. Then, a big school of Great Barracudas streamed below us. A Tiger Shark showed up several times on our 2nd dive of the day.  Besides, a Pelagic Thresher also appeared! Okay, we got to head north! Good bye to Fuvahmulah, which made us so excited to see all-star of big fish!

The day 4, the 1st dive of the day was at Gemanafushi Out in the Gaafu atoll aiming for Hammerhead Shark. Unfortunately we only saw babbles in a BLUE WATER. The 2nd dive was at Maarehaa Kandhu. The current was mellow.  Found about 4 of Grey Reef Shark juveniles. They were so cute. Right before our safety stop, more than a thousand of Bigeye Trevallies showed up! The 3rd dive was at Villingili Kandu. About 50 of Grey Reef Sharks gorgeously swam by the channel. In the middle of the channel we could observe the Grey Reef Sharks and Dogtooth Tunas were attacking. The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C. The water temperature was 26-28 deg.C. The 3 mm wetsuit was recommended. To be continued…