[Maldives] Trip Report : FEB. 09-16, 2019, Deep South Equatorial Route from MALE to GAAFU Vol.1

[#Maldives] Trip Report : FEB. 09-16, 2019, Deep South #Equatorial Route from #MALE to #GAAFU Vol.1

It is the time for the special trip, which goes through #Male, #Vaavu, #Meemu, #Thaa, #Laamu and #Gaafu Atoll, near the Equator! This trip is held only once a year! I am so excited!

The day 1, we visited Kuda Giri Wreck in the South Male Atoll for the check dive. It was very beautiful to see all the Anthias around the wreck. And Aurora Shrimp Gobbies, Dracula Shrimp Gobbies and Garden Eels were observed at the sand area. The 2nd dive was at Miyaru Kandu in the Vaavu Atoll. We could also see the big fish such as Grey Reef Sharks, Giant Trevallies, Bluefin Trevallies and Dogtooth Tunas. We let the friendly Tiera Batfish accompany us for the safety stop! The 3rd dive was at Rakeedhoo Kandhu. We enjoyed to observe beautiful reef fish, Scalefin Anthias, Evans Anthias, Indian Bannerfish and Flame Anthias. At the top of the reef there were beautiful Table Corals and the family of Maldive Anemonefish being near by.

The day 2, the 1st dive of the day was at Dhiggaru Kandu in the Meemu Atoll. Spotted Eaglerays welcomed us in the water. And what I had to mention was how big the school of the Bigeye Trevallies we encountered with! It was more than a thousand! Can you believe that?? And big size of Grey Reef Sharks kept popping out from the crowd of Bigeye Trevallies. Wow. It was amazing.  The 2nd dive was at Kurali Kandu, which was a Manta Ray spot. We could successfully found a couple of Manta Rays here! The 3rd dive was at Olhugiri Kandu in the Thaa Atoll. Here we started fun channel diving.  There were big school of Bigeye Trevallies, Grey Reef Sharks, Whitetip Sharks and Indian Bannerfish were seen. The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C. The water temperature was 26-28 deg.C.  The 3mm wetsuit was recommended. To be continued…