[Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.2

[#Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.2

The day 3, we continued to our adventure at Roca Partida. It is not so easy to encounter with Whale even though they are seen closer from the boat. Yet, it seemed very stable to see all the dynamic activities in the water, such as super big Yellowfin Tunas passing through a big school of other fish. Hammerhead Sharks happened to appear right front of us. Hooray!

The day 4, we were at Cabo Pierce. The ocean was very quiet oddly.  We could somehow see a Manta Ray, a few of Hammerhead Sharks, Silky Sharks and Galapagos Sharks. Otherwise, it was just BLUE, BLUE and BLUE water. We sometimes heard of Dolphins but not seen in the water. This is what our mother nature can be.  The water temperature was 23-25 deg.C. To be continued…