[Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.1

Hola! Here is the trip report held FEB. 1-10, 2019.  The day 1, we dove at El Canyon! Dusky Sharks welcomed us. And Tiger Sharks and numerous Diamond Stingrays were seen during the check dive. We could encounter with a couple of a mom and a baby dolphins. They stuck together all the time! Besides, Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Silvertip Sharks, Whitetip Sharks and Galapagos Sharks were seen as well.

The day 2, We were at Roca Partida. The visibility was fantastic as 25-30 meters. Cottonmouth Jacks, Black Jacks and Bigeye Trevallies were beautifully gathered to make a perfect form in line.  And 50 or more Hammerhead Sharks were found! Wish they were a little closer. The regular Manta Rays here appeared often during our diving. Even a couple of Mobulas came to us while the safety stop. The water temperature was 23-24 deg.C. To be continued…