[Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 3-9, 2018, Sea of Cortez Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : NOV. 3-9, 2018, Sea of #Cortez Vol.1

Hola! We’ve just returned from the last trip of the Sea of #Cortez route for this season. And this time, we had the diving at #Cabo #Pulmo included especially. The trip started with a snorkel with Whale Sharks. The regulation about this activity has gotten very strict. However, as long as we follow the rule we still can enjoy observing Whale Sharks very well. It took a while to get our turn because many boats were ahead of us in line but we successfully saw about 7 of Whale Sharks!! Hooray! After the snorkel we went to San Rafaelito for the 1st dive. It has been a while we visited this point. And this point got us reminded how beautiful the corals were. We also enjoyed the big school of Mexican Goatfish, Sea Turtle and Sea Lions. The 2nd dive was at Punta Fun Baja as a night Mobula dive.  We have successfully made it with about two dozens of Mobula Rays!

The day 2, we spent entire day at Los Islotes for 4 tanks of diving. The water temperature is getting chilly. The kids Sea Lions are not intimidating at all to play with us. And their swimming skills has gotten progressed. They swam too fast for us to take their pictures! The water temperature was 26-28 deg.C. To be continued…