[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 15-21, 2018, Sea of Cortez Route Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 15-21, 2018, Sea of #Cortez Route Vol.1

Hola! Here is the report of the trip from September 15th to 21st.  The first dive of the trip was at Punta Lobos as a check dive. It is very important to make sure if your weight is appropriate because the water is saltier in the Sea of Cortez. Some of our dive groups found Mobulas! The 2nd dive was at La Reina. The combination of Manta Ray and Sea Lion was seen! Yay!

The day 2, we spent a whole day for 4 dives at Los Islotes, which is a Sea Lion Paradise! Under the circumstance of a storm coming up, there was a heave on the surface and not great visibility in the water. However, Sea Lions seemed more aggressive to play than normal! Especially a couple of Sea Lions we saw at the cave were so friendly and tame. They were very clingy to us, biting our fins and sticky to our tanks. Besides, a big school of Sardines, Mexican Barnacle Blennies and Jawfish were seen. To be continued…