[Maldives] Trip Report : SEP. 8-12, 2018, Male and Ari Atoll Short Trip Vol.2

[#Maldives] Trip Report : SEP. 8-12, 2018, #Male and #Ari Atoll Short Trip Vol.2

The day 3, we had a drizzle in the morning but it got cleared away before Whale Shark search. The 1st dive of the day was at Holiday Island Out in the South Ari Atoll.  After the breakfast before the 2nd dive, we could find a Whale Shark near the surface. We could swim with it as we jumped into the ocean with snorkel. The 2nd dive was at Lux Out, aiming for the encounter with the Whale Shark again with diving. It was a short period of time but we successfully found a Whale Shark in the water. Yay! The 3rd dive was at Dhigurah Out, the last dive of the trip. Very relaxing to observe Macro creatures. The Bleeker’s Porcupinefish was so cute! Near by the coral, the endemic Cloudy Dascylluses and my favorite Madagascar Butterflyfish were seen as well. Some groups had a luck to see Mobulas and Spotted Eagle Ray. And we celebrated one of the guests’ memorable 200th dive at dinner time. Congratulations!

The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C. The water temperature was 28-29 deg.C. The 3 mm wetsuit was perfect.

Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip amazing. Despite the short trip, we made the encounters with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays! Very efficient! Hope we see you all again!