[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 1-6, 2018, Sea of Cortez Route Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP. 1-6, 2018, #Sea of #Cortez Route Vol.1

Hola! It was a great trip to discover Sea of Cortez! Here is the report. The day 1, started with a check dive at Punta Lobos. We found a school of Green Jacks in a deep side, even though it was a little chilly at the deep area as 25 deg.C. of the water temperature. The 2nd and the 3rd dive were at La Reina. It was such a big fish fair being held at this point. We encountered with a Manta Ray followed by Sea Lions! That was a unique scene only available here, I would guess! Then, here a Whale Shark came by! It was a smaller one but hung out with us for a while around our dinghy.  The one thing I really wanted to tell him was that a Suckerfish was sticking out from his mouth. It seemed like he was not realized it!

The day 2, we dove 3 tanks of dive in a row at Los Islotez from early in the morning. The playful Sea-Lion-kiddies came onto us to play! We, scuba divers,  of course, all fell in love with them! However, it is not only Sea Lions are the stars at this point. The beautiful land form and the big school of Sardine.  The 4th dive of the day was at Punta Tintorera, great point to enjoy Macro diving with Cortez Round Stingray, Gulf Signal Blennies, Nudibranches, etc., etc.

The water temperature was around 25-29 deg.C. To be continued…