[Maldives] Trip Report : AUG.18-24, 2018, Male, Ari and Vaavu Atoll Route Vol.3

[Maldives] Trip Report : AUG.18-24, 2018, #Male, #Ari and #Vaavu Atoll Route Vol.3

The day 5 was the last day of diving for this trip, started at Fanka Thila in South Ari Atoll. It has been great on this trip had no rain so far in the rainy season. There are many overhangs here. It was good to encounter with Comet in the light! Besides, we enjoyed beautiful Table Corals and colorful Anthias at the shore. The 2nd dive of the day was at Fish Head, which was one of the most favorite dive points in North Ari Atoll. We cannot miss this point. We saw Giant Trevallies, Bluefin Trevallies, fat Dogtooth Tunas, Grey Reef Sharks and Whitetips in the blue water. On the second half, we plunged into the big school of Bengal Snappers! The 3rd dive was at Kan Thila. There wasn’t a stronger current but Sharks, GTs and Dogtooth Tunas were still there. Plus, we found many of Jacks and a smaller school of Barracudas near the surface. We had a guest who had her birthday during the trip. We remember that we celebrated her birthday last year as well. Please come back, Akiko-san, next year again so that we keep celebrating your Bday!

Thank you all very much for joining and also for making our trip amazing. Hope to see you all again!