[Mexico] Sea of Cortez Dive Trip Report : AUG. 18 – 23, 2018 Vol.1

#SeaOfCortez #Mexico #Dive Trip Report : AUG. 18 – 23, 2018, Vol.1

Hola! The trip we have just finished was starting from Cabo Pulmo ending at La Paz!  Super exciting route!

The 1st dive was at Los Frayles for a check dive. It was great to encounter with a big school of Yellowtail Surgeonfish and Spotted Boxfish. They were so cute! We also saw Whitetip Sharks were looking for the place to sleep. The 2nd dive was at El Bajo in Cabo Pulmo. The great visibility and the smooth current made us feel very good! The colorful Sea Fans were beautiful here. The 3rd dive was at El Vencedor Ship Wreck. The thick school of Bigeye Trevallies are stable here! Besides, Blue and Gold Snappers, Yellow Snappers were making a big river of them running around. This is the sight to see! There somehow is a cute school of Porcupine Fish as well.

The day 2, we were at La Reina for all 3 dives. There are several courses to take and variety of fish to be seen here. But it was such a Manta, Manta and Manta Ray’s day, we had. Right after we entered to the ocean, Manta Ray appeared. Then we even saw Sea Lions teasing with the Manta Ray! Because the Manta Ray was clingy to us all the time we were there, no one got excited to see him at the end! To be continued…