Sea of Cortez Trip Report : AUG. 11 – 17, 2018

#SeaOfCortez #Mexico #Dive Trip Report : AUG. 11 – 17, 2018

Hola! The long waited season for Sea of Cortez diving has come finally! We’ve just finished the first trip of the season. And here is the report!

Immediately after we entered into the ocean it was very nice of the Sea Lions came to us. We had plenty of opportunities to take pictures with them as they came close by. The 2nd dive was at Salvatierra, which is wellknown as a wreck dive spot.  There was a medium-strong current but we successfully arrived at the bottom to see cute Garden Eels. The 3rd dive was at Swanee Reef.  The scene of California version of Indo-Pacific Sergeants held and protected their eggs was seen everywhere.

On the 2nd day we dove at Lobera de San Francisquito for the 1st and 2nd dives of the day. We enjoyed observing about 3 families of Sea Lions in the shore. It was cute to see that parent Sea Lions were trying to keep their kids from going far away! Besides, we encountered with the schools of Mexican Barracudas and Bigeye Scads! It was definitely the sight to see. For the 3rd dive, we moved to Espiritu Santo Island to enjoy to observe little fish at La Tintorera. We saw some Mexican Goatfish were attacking the nest of Finescale Triggerfish. It was sad to encounter the attack but it was mother nature. Before the night dive we also had a nice hike to explorer the island. Many guests were attracted to see the big cactus. Unfortunately we could not find Mobulas that night. Bummer!

The day 3, we had 3 dives at El Bajo in a row. Tried hard to search for Hammerhead Sharks but it was a little too warm water temperature as 27 deg.C unfortunately. However, we encountered with a school of Black Skipjacks! Besides a Turtle was going circle around us. So cuuuute! The 4th dive of the day was at El Candelero as a night dive.   Octopuses, Crustaceans, Morey Eels were seen.

The day 4, the 1st dive was at Punta Lobos. We successfully encountered with Mobulas! yay!  And we had a couple of guests celebrated their 200th and 300th dives milestone on their history! Congratulations! The 2nd and 3rd dives of the day were at La Reina. Of course we encountered with Manta Rays!! We love it here! It is such a unique spot to encounter both Manta Rays and Sea Lions, as one of the guests mentioned! Indeed. Besides Hawaiian Ladyfish and more we could observe here, I should say.

The last day for diving, we moved to Cabo Pulmo. Despite the cloudy visibility we still had an amazing diving experience with a tornado of Bigeye Trevallies, BlueandGold Snappers, Mexican Goatfish and many more at Los Morros and El Vencedor Ship Wreck.

One of the guests brought a camera drone, which gave us a nice picture from up in the sky! I have to mention that there are some restricted places which prohibit the use of drone, but there are some allows it. So please ask the crew about it if you are interested in taking picture with a drone. Thank you all very much for joining to our trip and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope we will see you all again!