Maldives Trip Report : NOV. 25-DEC.01 2017, Male-Ari-Vaavu Route Vol.5

#Maldives Trip Report : NOV. 25-DEC.01 2017, #Male-#Ari-#Vaavu Route Vol.5

The day 5, the last day for diving of this trip, we all woke up with the sun rise at 5am aiming for the encounter with Hammerhead Sharks. The first dive of the day was at Fotteyo in Vaavu atoll. Unfortunately we could not see them but it was still nice in the blue water. Right after we exited we found a couple of hundreds of Spinner Dolphins! They were right where we were in the water. Bummer! We have just missed in the water. The 2nd dive was at Miyaru Kando in Vaavu Atoll. We enjoyed gobbies at the reef. Then, Bigeye Trevallies, Napoleon, Grey Reef Sharks appeared. After the exit, we saw a big group of Dolphin from the surface. We missed them again! Because of the cyclone in South Sri Lanka the ocean was very turbulent. Unexpectedly the 2nd dive became the last dive of the trip. Safety is always first!  Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip wonderful! Hope we see you all again!