[Mexico] Trip Report : OCT.22,2022- OCT.28, 2022, Sea Of Cortez CRUISE

Valentina SEA OF CORTEZ !!

【OCT22 – Trip Report #1】


Oct 22, 2022

Passenger boarding date.

This time, we set sail with 17 people.

Valentina SEA OF CORTEZ Oct22 Trip Report #2
October 22 – 28 , 2022

Oct23rd, 2022

In conditions with westerly winds, it is quite difficult to decide the route.

The first is Punta Lobo. Transparency 15 m, water temperature 28ºC. Mobras and turtles

While coming out, the check dive was completed safely.

I was quite hesitant whether to go to La Reyna for the second one,

The wind wasn’t going to be that strong, so I decided to take the plunge.

Although there were some waves, the water was transparent at 20m and the water temperature was 28ºC.

The condition is also good. Giant manta rays also appeared firmly,

The horse mackerel ball is also perfect. The machete herd is also beautiful, and of course the sea lions.

If the sea was a little calmer, I would have liked to dive one more here.

It was getting a little rough, so I decided to move the third one.

The third is Suwanee Leaf. Transparency 15 m, water temperature 28ºС, flock following flock, (Spottail grunt,

Mexican goat fish, yellowtail surgeonfish, etc) a little rare here

Seahorses too. Signal Blenny is popular as usual, and so are sea lions.

One that came ♡ out and was more fulfilling than expected