[Mexico] Trip Report : MAY.24,2022- JUN.02, 2022, SOCORRO CRUISE

Valentina Socorro !!

【May24, 2022 Trip Report #1】


Customers were received and installed in their cabins 18:30 Crew presentation and general orientation 19:30 Dinner 20:30 Start of crossing to Revillagigedo As planned the beginning of the crossing was very moved by the wind that was strong.



17:00 Guest arrival and check in to each cabin.

18:30 Crew presentación and general orientation.

19:30 Dinner

20:30 Start crossing to Revillagigedo. As it was reported, beginning of the way was very rough with strong wind.



Fortunately after half way the ocean condition had changed, we arrived to Isla San Benedicto without further notice.


26/05/22 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

There was 3 more boats at the area, we had to start diving bit late but was able to do 3 dives.

Visibility 15 mts and water temperture 24ºC, sharks and mantas are very active, second dive was with strong current

but after that condition got better and met school of hammerhead sharks.
After finsh diving, we have decided going to Roca Partida because it looked next day was the only day with good weather to visit there.



27/05/22 Roca Partida

The condition was great, visibility 20 mts and water temperture 24ºC. Again, we had many other boats there but we were in the second place and did 3 dives. We had good interaction with mantas, big group of jacks and saw big size tunas, had great dives.



28 – 29/05/22 Isla Socorro ( Cabo Pierce )

With weather condition, we have decided to stay 2 days in this area.

The first day, we did 4 dives which was with lots of mantas and the third dive we saw dolophins, too. Also weather was nice to swim all around the reef.

The second day, we did 3 dives again with lots interaction with mantas was the best part of the day.

The third dive was the best, we had mantas, dolphins and tiger shark.

After diving, went to Socorro Navy Base for routine inspeccion.



30 – 31/05/22 Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

With weather condition, we decided to stay last 2 days in this area.
The first day was windy,  volcanic ash on sea bed was raised to cause poor visibility 10 mts, water tempreture was 24ºC.

Still, we had very good interaction with mantas, sharks and dolphins on our first dive, also met tiger shark on our 4th dive.

The second day, the condition was better, visibility 20 mts and water tempreture 24ºC.

We did only 3 dives on the second day, again with big hammerhead sharks, they came very closed to us and we enjoyed very much. Mantas, school of yellow tail tunam other sharks with tiger shark again.

With this dive, we closed Socorro season.



The way back started with some winds and swells, later it became better.
Everything fine.



08:00 Breakfast served

09:30 Group photo

10:00 Started airport transportation

12:00 Last transportation

14:30 Finish all schedule, closing Revillagigedo 2021-2022 season.




★★★ Guest Comments ★★★

*Al lof the crew and guides worked so hard to take great care of us. We really appriciate their service!Thank you so much.     -Catlin Montalbo

*Excellent – thought more sun beds would be good!
*Rental gears Ok though duits a bit too worn/torn.

*Thank you!  -Scott Montalbo

*Overall, the trip was great 😊

*Luigi is an amazing cook and very accommodating.

*Phenomenal crew & guides though. Thanks for keeping us safe the entire time – esp to Diego for when I freaked out a bit under water when I couldn’t catch my breath 😊
Lorenzo & Cesar, you were both amazing too. I liked that we switched up DMs everyday.
*Loved the trip though & can’t wait to come back!
*Also thanks so much for the multiple birthday celebrations! So thoughtful, fun & appreciated.
*Good luck & safe travels for all your future trips. Thanks again, Heather.