[Mexico] Trip Report : JAN.20,2022- JAN.29, 2022, SOCORRO CRUISE

Valentina Socorro !!

【Jan20, 2022 Trip Report #1】


Jan20th, DAY1

17:00 Guest arrival, check in to each cabin.

18:00 General orientation, crew introducing.

20:30 Departure


Jan21st, DAY2


08:00 Activity start

10:30 Safety and diving orientation

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Presentation of Revillagigedo national park

19:00 Diner


Jan22nd, DAY3

Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Very nice ocean condition with visibility 60ft, water temperture 78F.

Per group request, this trip was scheduled with 3dives/day.

Sharks were very active from very first day of diving,

specially hammerhead sharks were all where around the dive area.

Mantas and other sharkes came along with divers as expected,

just looked like telling us ‘welcome to Socorro !!’.





Jan23rd, DAY4

Isla San Benedicto (El Boiler)

Ocean condition was great as same as yesterday.

The first dive was “Mas o Menos” with not enough mantas

but the second and the third was so lit!!

Numbers of mantas came super close to divers, swimming around and around.

Condition looked good and decided to vitist Roca Partida next day.




Even the classic rock hole white tip has gone somewhere

The number is small. Even if I check with other cruise ships, it seems that the situation is the same, and I am honestly disappointed.


Jan24th, DAY5

Roca Partida

Visibility 75ft, water temperture 78F.

Though water condition was great, marine life was not

not very active, this season Roca Partida has not being able to bring out the full potential.

There was several mantas on our first dive but not very much

sharks. Even genuine classic white tip sharks in the caves were out and only a few left there.

Was happening same to all other dive boat and looked like

Roca Partida can not live up to our expectation this season, we’d decided to dive other site for next day.



Jan26-27 th, DAY7&8

Isla San Benedicto ( El Cañón )

Definately El Cañón is the best dive site this season,

way better with great potaintial than Roca Partida.

We stayed whole last two days here and played with mantas and sharks.

A whale calf with the mother appeard and surprised us

while our guest was filming video with a drone, just just incredible!!


Jan28th, DAY9

Navigation day

09:00 Breakfast

11:00 Souevenir shopping

14:00 Lunch

16:00 account

18:00 group photos

19:00 Dinner


Jan29th, DAY10

07:00 Transfer to SJD airport

08:30 Breakfast

10:00 Last team desembarking

11:00 End of the trip, the boat head back to La Paz.