[Maldives] Trip Report : JAN.04 -10,2020, Male – Ari -Vaavu Trip Vol.5

[#Maldives] Trip Report : JAN.04 – 10,2020, #Male – #Ari – #Vaavu Trip Vol.5

Day 5 was the last day for this trip already. The 1st dive of the day was at Fish Head in the North Ari atoll. What surprised us immediately after the entry was the visibility. It was super clear! Yet, the sea creatures were crazily crowded. The great amount of Neon Fusiliers and Variablelined Fusiliers in the mid layer was getting attacked by Giant Trevallies and Bluefin Trevallies. On the other hand, False Moorish Idols and Teira Batfish were very laid-back swimming by. The 2nd and the 3rd dives were at Rasdhoo Madivaru in the #Rasdhoo atoll. Luckily we encountered with the all stars of Maldives there! At first, about a dozen of Grey Reef Sharks came up to us back and forth. Next, total 17 of Spotted Eagle Rays appeared graciously. Then,  a very friendly Alfred Manta Ray showed up! It hovered again and again in front of us! Some of our teams observed Aurora Shrimpgobbies and Dracula Shrimpgobbies at the sand area.  Besides, a school of Bigeye Trevallies, super fat Dogtooth Tunas and big Napoleons were seen. We fully enjoyed the site.  The water temperature was 26-31 deg.C. The water temperature was 28-29 deg.C. The visibility was 30-40 meters. Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope to see you all again!