[Mexico] Trip Report : DEC.29, 2019- JAN.04, 2020, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : DEC.29, 2019- JAN.04, 2020, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

Day 6, the last day for diving of this trip and also the only day we may had a chance to get to El Boiler because of the continued strong wind. Unfortunately we had to give it up since the wave was too high. we had all three dives of the day at El Canyon.  The water temperature was 25 deg.C. The visibility was fantastic as 15-20 meters. The current was a bit strong from East but that brought us Hammerheads from the blue water. They were big, composed and have an air of dignity! We saw both Black and normal Manta Rays as well. Personally, I was very excited to see the swirl of Bigeye Trevallies here and there! Thank you all for choosing M/V Valentina to share your new year vacation and also for making this trip fantastic! Hope to see you all again and happy new year for everyone!