[Mexico] Trip Report : NOV.23- DEC.02, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : NOV.23- DEC.02, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

Day 6, the last day of diving for this trip. We dove all the three dive of the day at El Canyon. The water temperature was 25-26 deg.C. The visibility was 15-20 meters. We aimed for Dolphins in the early morning!  They tend to hunt in the morning. We successfully spotted the Dolphins. Then, we found something white-ish stuff heading us. Oh my goodness! They were Hammerhead Sharks! We waited and waited for them to get closer to us. And we made it! They came and passed over and over!  Wow, this is really what the Socorro is! Besides, Manta Rays, Silvertip Sharks and Galapagos Sharks appeared.   Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip wonderful! Hope to see you all again!