[Mexico] Trip Report : OCT.12- 17, 2019, Sea of Cortez Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : OCT.12- 17, 2019, Sea of #Cortez Vol.1

Hola! We came back from another adventure in the sea of Cortez. This time, we got very affected by the weather all over the world.  Without further ado, here is the report.  Since I joined to the boat on the second day with the most of the guests who arrived with the delayed flight, the report starts with the day 2.

All the 3 dives of the day 2 were held at Los Islotes.  The visibility was 8-10 meters. The water temperature was 27-28 deg.C. The water was very cloudy because of the pouring rain on the day before. It was hard to find the babies since they moved to somewhere else escaping from the heave near the surface. But once we found them, they were playful as always. To be continued…