[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP.21- 26, 2019, Sea of Cortez Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP.21- 26, 2019, Sea of #Cortez Vol.1

Hola! The trip what I am going to report had affected by the level 2 hurricane, Lorena. Some of the guests could not make the first day of diving but they caught up with us from the 2nd day. Despite the irregular circumstances, we had a good diving experience, I would say. Without further ado, here is the report. Day 1, we had the 1st dive of the trip at Swanee Reef. The visibility was 4-5 meters. The water temperature was 28 deg.C. There was a heave and surge in the water. We could somehow see Mexican Goatfish but wrapped up earlier. The 2nd dive was at San Rafaelito. The visibility was 5-8 meters. The water temperature was 27-28 deg.C.  This site was much better condition compare to the Swanee Reef.  We found a lot of Shrimps inside the coral. We had a very good chance to observe an octopus at the end. Normally Octopus try to hide immediately after they see us but the one we found was moving around. Thanks!

Day 2, the rest of the guests arrived! The 1st dive of the day was at Punta Lobos. The visibility was 8-10 meters. The water temperature was 26-27 deg.C. We gave up on searching for Mobulas because of the not-so-good visibility. Instead, we enjoyed the macro in the relaxed mood. Browncheek Blennies and Nudibranches were so cute! Personally, I was excited to see the juveniles of Pipefish! The 2nd and the 3rd dive were at La Reina. The visibility was 5-8 meters. The water temperature was 25-28 deg.C.  Maybe because of the Hurricane, the visibility was not good. However, the schools of Barracudas, Hawaiian Ladyfish, Zebra Morays,  Crab Barnacle Blennies and the juveniles of King Angelfish were seen. To be continued…