[Mexico] Trip Report : SEP.14- 20, 2019, Sea of Cortez Vol.5

[#Mexico] Trip Report : SEP.14- 20, 2019, Sea of #Cortez Vol.5

Hola! Day 6, the only dive of this last day was held at Fang Ming. The visibility was 10 meters. The water temperature was 27-28 deg.C. It was a good dive to conclude this trip to see a huge Green Sea Turtle, the Longnose Hawkfish at the black coral, the beautiful Anemone and Anemone Shrimps and the lovely Seahorse! Since the hurricane Lorena was approaching we were forced to cancel the 2nd dive on the last day but I was very happy that we all finished the trip safely. Thank you all for joining our adventure with M/V Valentina and also for making this trip amazing! Hope to see you all again!