[Mexico] Trip Report : MAY. 7- 16, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.6

[#Mexico] Trip Report : MAY. 7- 16, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.6

The day 6, the last day of diving for this entire Socorro season! We finally could reach to El Boiler for the first time of this trip. The water temperature was 23-24 deg.C. The visibility was around 20-25 meters. I almost gave up to get here on this trip, but we made it on the last day. Yay! The condition was not that bad, a relatively calm underwater and the visibility was much improved compare to the last a few days.  Every single dive we had here at Boiler that day, The first thing we saw in the water was Manta Ray welcoming us.  My favorite moment of the day was that the Manta Ray closed its eyes with a very relaxed mood when they got cleaned. ( I captured it with my camera! Check them out!) It was so cute! As we were attending the Manta party with the 5 of Manta Rays, we heard of Dolphins!  And when I thought that the sound of it got closer to us, a couple of Dolphins appeared! And they were so friendly! After a little while, another group of Dolphins, about a dozen of them, passed through us! It was very satisfying day of diving, fantastic ending for the season.

Thank you all for choosing our M/V Valentina! We have been very lucky to have you all for our adventure of 2018-2019. Hope to see you again in the next season!