[Mexico] Trip Report : APR. 2-11, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.2

[#Mexico] Trip Report : APR. 2-11, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.2

The day 3, at Cabo Pierce, the water temperature was 23-25 deg.C. The visibility wasn’t great, kind of cloudy, but the diving was fun as usual. A Black Manta Ray was hovering on the reef slowly. And another Black Manta Ray and a normal Manta Ray were seen later on. Some Hammerhead Sharks were found in the Blue water but in a distance.  A playful Dolphin came to us and played with us for a while at the end.

The day 4, at Punta Tosca instead of Roca Partida because of the rough condition. The water temperature was 23-24 deg.C.  The Galapagos, Silky and Whitetip Sharks’ babies were seen here. They were so cuuuuute! This point has a beautiful layout of the rocks and reef to observe. Some Hammerhead Sharks came up from the deep side at the end. To be continued…