[Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 14-23, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.3

[#Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 14-23, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.3

The day 5, we somehow and finally reached at Roca Partida! I was worried if we could not make it here for this trip!  But the strong wind and the high waves were still there. We had a hard time to get in and out from the dinghy.  All the hard work got paid under the water! Right after the entry, a Whale Shark appeared! So did Dolphins!  Silvertip Sharks, Whitetip Sharks and Galapagos Sharks were found at the shore. Besides, during the 3rd dive a big stream of Yellowfin Tunas was followed by a group of Hammerhead Sharks, then a Whale Shark appeared again! He once passed by, came back and hovered around us for a while. We didn’t even chase it. The Whale Shark chose to stay with us! The things got even crazier that another Whale Shark appeared. What a miracle happened! The water temperature was 24-25 deg.C.

The day 6, the last day of diving for this trip, we got to continue to dive at Roca Partida. There was a very friendly Manta Ray sticking with us for long time. It came to us every time we entered the water. Thank you all for choosing our M/V Valentina and also for making this trip miracle! Hope to see you all again!