[Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 14-23, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.2

[#Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 14-23, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.2

The day 3, we continued to stay at El Canyon for diving. It was not in our favor but we could not move to the other site because of the ocean condition. However, actually, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We enjoyed the encounter with a couple of Manta Rays, a dozen of Dolphines, a big school of Hammerhead Sharks and even a Whale Shark appeared! OMG!  The water temperature was 25-26 deg.C.

The day 4, we reached to Cabo Pierce for diving. The water temperature was 24-25 deg.C. It was a little slow, yet, a Manta Ray, a Hammerhead Shark, Yellowfin Tunas, Wahoos and Dolphins were seen. To be continued…