[Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.4

[#Mexico] Trip Report : FEB. 1-10, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.4

The day 6, the last day of the scuba diving for this trip wasn’t have a great luck in terms of the ocean condition. But we still enjoyed to dive at El Canyon. The water temperature was 24-25 deg.C.  The visibility was 15-18 meters.  The school of Hammerhead Sharks, a very friendly Manta Ray and a school of Yellowfin Tunas found us to say hello.  Besides, a special event of the day was an encounter with a school of False Killer Whales!!! They seemed a family with some babies as well. We successfully snorkeled with them! That was a big big surprise given from dear mother nature! Thank you all for joining us and also for being patient with a not so great ocean condition! Your positiveness made our trip very enjoyable! Hope to see you all again!