[Mexico] Trip Report : JAN. 8-17, 2019, Socorro Islands Vol.1

[#Mexico] Trip Report : JAN. 8-17, 2019, #Socorro Islands Vol.1

Hola! Here is the trip report of JAN. 8-.  The day 1, we dove at El Canyon! The high light of the day was Manta Rays! From the check dive, we had a luck to encounter with 5 of them at their cleaning station! Yay! And some schools of Yellowfin Tunas passed by at the shore. At the deep side, a Tiger Shark and a Dusky Shark were seen as well.

The day 2, we were at Cabo Pierce. The Dolphins were super friendly! They suddenly appeared from behind of us. And they were sticky with us poking our hands and cameras for a while. We found some Hammerhead Sharks as well. The water temperature was 23-24 deg.C. To be continued…