[Maldives] Trip Report : JAN. 19-25, 2019, Male Ari Vaavu Route Vol.4

[#Maldives] Trip Report : JAN. 19-25, 2019, #Male #Ari #Vaavu Route Vol.4

The day 5 was the last day of diving for this trip.  The 1st dive of the day was at Maaya Thila in the North Ari Atoll. We were welcomed by many of Tiera Batfish. I found a unique one of them swimming sideways! Very funny!  The Bluestripped Snappers made a school of them at the deep side of the thila. A Blotched Fantail Ray was slowly swimming at the sand area right next to the thila. A Whittip Reef Shark was taking a walk (maybe a swim instead,) and colorful Sea Anemones were making a Maldive Anemonefish family very happy on top of the reef in the sun light. Then, a Sea Turtle was also passing by to get a sun-bathing to the surface. I liked it here because it was such a beautiful and peaceful world that I could stare at forever.  The 2nd dive and the 3rd dive were at Rasdhoo Madivaru in the Rasdhoo Atoll.  30 or more of Grey Reef Sharks, about a dozen of Spotted Eagle Rays, Bigeye Trevallies and Peach Fairy Basslets had the honor to close our fantastic trip. The air temperature was 26-33 deg.C. The water temperature was 26-28 deg.C. The 3mm wetsuit was recommended. Thank you all for joining us and also for making this trip amazing! Hope to see you all again!